Success Story: Alexandra x Iron Gummies

Success Story: Alexandra x Iron Gummies

Name: Alexandra 
Age: 28
Location: London

Profession: Data Scientist 
Problem: Brain fog, irritability, tiredness & fatigue
Favorite Gummies: Iron Gummies


Why did you start taking Novomins Iron Gummies? Did you experience any symptoms of iron deficiency?
Working as a data scientist, I have to focus and process a lot of information every day. Hence having a clear mind is extremely important for me (as for any professional). After work, I normally do physical activities (i.e. HIIT or yoga classes). However, as my iron levels dropped I had to stop working out and gave up my spontaneous surfing and hiking trips as I just felt too tired.   I felt very weak, dizzy and had a lot of brain fog, which wouldn't let me perform my daily tasks with the same result. In addition to this, I became more irritable (not great for anyone around me). Sadly it took me some time to understand what was actually wrong, as I thought this was a 'typical' COVID side effect.


Once taking Novomins Iron gummies, how did you feel? What change did you notice? 
I started feeling a big difference on my second week of taking Iron gummies. I was able to concentrate on my work and was able to exercise without getting exhausted. I had my first blood test done on 27th August 2022, which showed a very low ferritin (outside of UK and EU norms). Second test was done 2 weeks after I started taking my iron gummies. And the results showed that I am in the norm. I will be honest, I didn't expect such a massive change so soon even though I felt better. But even though I am in the norm, I was advised to continue taking the iron gummies to maintain and improve my results. Now I am slowly getting back to my normal routine and work out 2-3 times a week. And I have just booked my surfing trip with friends.


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Dr Peter McQuillan
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Akil Memishi
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Akil Memishi, co-founder of Novomins, combines his extensive clinical research experience with a passion for developing scientifically-backed nutritional products.
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3 February 2023
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22 January 2024
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4 October 2023