Akil Memishi

BSc Hons Pharmacology, ICH GCP Founder & Chief Clinical Researcher


University of Glasgow

Professional Qualifications:

BSc Hons Pharmacology ICH GCP

Professional Background

Akil Memishi brings over a decade of clinical research experience, particularly cancer research.

Akil has been part of more than 50 groundbreaking cancer research trials, contributed significantly to cutting-edge mRNA trials, and played a key role in advancing personalised medicine trials in the UK.

His previous roles include positions at Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD), PRA Health Sciences (PRA), and ICON (Chiltern).

Personal Life

Residing in Glasgow, Akil enjoys spending time with his family, renovating and developing properties, keeping fit, and playing basketball.

Vision and Motivation

Akil founded Novomins drawing on his extensive background in health and disease prevention. His motivation was to bridge a gap in the market for scientifically-backed, quality vitamin supplements.

His experience in cancer research highlighted the critical role of preventative health measures, inspiring him to develop products that support overall wellness. Novomins represents a fusion of his scientific acumen, personal passion, and ambition to innovate in the field of nutritional supplements.