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Energy & Focus Gummies

Powering through a workout, conquering the boardroom or simply trying to knuckle down? Unleash your energy & focus with Novomins gummies! Made for life's fast pace, our gummies are a powerhouse of energy and your secret weapon for reducing tiredness and fighting fatigue.

Just like a well-tuned engine needs the right fuel, your body requires the perfect balance of nutrients to maintain optimal energy levels. Formulated by doctors, these delicious vegan, halal, gluten and gelatin-free supplements are perfect for anyone needing an extra boost to get through the day.


Why Choose Novomins Energy Gummies Range

In a world where every second counts, our energy-boosting range helps take your energy to new heights. Combining convenience, taste, and expertise, our range caters to just about any lifestyle and diverse nutritional needs.

Essential Nutrients

Novomins energy gummies help you and your family keep up with all your essential nutritional needs thanks to a carefully selected blend of vitamins and minerals that invigorate your day and boost your energy levels


In today's fast-paced world, our gummies are the perfect grab-and-go option to sustain your energy and complement your busy life

Delicious Taste

Move over boring supplements - each gummy is packed with delicious flavours that leave you looking forward to your next dose

High-Quality Ingredient

All products in our Novomins energy gummy range are made with the highest-quality ingredients for maximum health benefits and is a testament to our commitment to quality

Dietary requirements

Catering to a wide range of dietary needs, our gummies are vegan, halal, gluten and gelatin-free, ensuring there’s something for everyone without compromising on quality or taste

Doctor Formulated

Backed by scientific expertise, our gummies are the brainchild of medical professionals, providing a reliable and effective approach to daily energy enhancement that works

Our gummies are packed with scientifically-backed ingredients – each playing a vital role in enhancing and sustaining your energy levels throughout the day alongside your overall wellness.

  • Iron: Crucial when it comes to energy enhancement, iron combats fatigue and improves overall energy levels. Shop iron gummies range 
  • Multivitamins: Our multivitamin gummies contain a blend of 17 essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to the proper functioning of energy metabolism
  • Metabolic support: Ingredients like vitamin B12 are crucial in converting food into glucose, ensuring a steady supply of energy throughout the day
  • Enhanced oxygen: Iron plays an essential role in haemoglobin production, responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood
  • Improved sleep quality: our sleep gummies helps to produce serotonin, which is then converted into melatonin, to improve your quality of sleep

For optimal results, we recommend chewing two gummies daily. For athletes, incorporating these gummies as part of a pre-workout routine can provide an additional surge of needed energy to enhance your performance.

  • Balanced diet: A balanced diet combined with Novomins Energy Gummies ensures you get a full range of essential nutrients vital for sustained energy levels
  • Regular physical activity: Whether you're an athlete training for your next event or someone engaging in daily workouts, pairing physical activity with our energy gummies can help optimise your energy output and recovery
  • Hydration: Staying hydrated helps your body to transport nutrients and remove waste products
  • Stress management: Techniques like meditation, yoga, or even simple breathing exercises can significantly reduce stress levels to enhance energy
  • Quality sleep: Vital for energy restoration, prioritising good sleep hygiene is vital for energy restoration

At Novomins, we understand how these energy boosters can support you and your family’s overall health. Our range of specifically formulated energy gummies is perfect for:

  • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts
  • Family members of all ages
  • Busy bees
  • People recovering from illness
  • Those with restricted diets
  • Those who work stressful jobs
  • Students
  • Those looking to generally be healthier
  • Busy professionals
  • People with active lifestyles
  • Seniors

Do Energy Gummy Vitamins work?

Let’s take a look at what some of our customers had to say

"A Marathon Must!". I train for marathons and found recently my energy levels really dropping. Caffeine is something Im trying to use less of so these looked like a good fit. I was really impressed that they contain Iodine and Taurine as well! Will be keeping these handy for all my training now.

Craic Laurell

Energy Gummies

"Use these for gaming". I spend up to 6 hours a day on the weekends competing in gaming tournaments are these have been amazing! Taste great and keep my focused without the caffeine crash i used to suffer a lot!

Peter Stevens

Energy Gummies

"More energy!". I was told by my doctor I was anaemic and needed to get more iron. She recommended these gummies to me as they don’t taste yucky like the liquids and tablets they prescribe. Energy levels are back and I feel like me again.

Jess H.

Iron Gummies

"So yummy". Wished I known the benefits of magnesium sooner, these are helping me get more rest on an evening and helping boost my energy during the day. Love them!!

Amy Herring

Magnesium Gummies

"Vegan B12". Does what I need it to do, especially with a vegan diet. Expect to feel the benefits in a day or two.

Aidan L.

B12 Gummies

"So much better than a shot". My dentist told me to stop drinking apple cider vinegar as it was weakening my teeth so I switched to gummies to keep my blood sugar levels right!

Yolanda s.

ACV Gummies


Dr Peter McQuillan

BDS, MFDS P1, Dip Ortho
Founder & Chief Formulator

With over 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Dr McQuillan is a highly esteemed professional in the healthcare space.


Akil Memishi

BSc Hons Pharmacology, ICH GCP Founder & Chief Clinical Researcher

Akil Memishi, co-founder of Novomins, combines his extensive clinical research experience with a passion for developing scientifically-backed nutritional products.

Review Date:

3 February 2023

Next Review:

3 February 2025

Published On:

2 February 2021

Last Updated:

4 October 2023


What ingredients are in Novomins range of energy boosting gummies?

Novomins range of energy boosting gummies are packed with a blend of natural, energy-enhancing ingredients, like vitamin b12, essential for converting food into energy and iron, crucial for oxygen transport and reducing fatigue.

Can I take Novomins energy boosting gummies with other supplements?

While you can take Novomins range of energy boosting gummies alongside other supplements, always consider your total intake of vitamins and minerals to avoid exceeding the recommended daily dose. If you're on prescribed medication or have specific health concerns, consult a healthcare professional before combining supplements to ensure a safe and beneficial routine tailored to your specific health needs.

How quickly will I notice an improvement in my energy levels?

The time it takes to notice an improvement in your energy levels after taking Novomins range of energy boosting gummies can vary. Some people will start to feel more energy within a few days to a week or two with consistent use as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. However, individual results may vary.

Are Novomins energy boosting gummies vegan/gluten-free?

Novomins range of energy boosting gummies are designed to accommodate various dietary needs and are vegan-friendly, ensuring no animal-derived ingredients are used. They're also gluten-free, catering to individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

Where can I purchase Novomins energy boosting gummies?

You can buy Novomins energy boosting gummies on Novomins' official website and at various retailers across the UK. 

What is Novomins returns policy?

If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, Novomins offers a 14-day refund or exchange policy for all unopened products. Proof of purchase or a receipt will be required, and all orders must be returned in their original packaging with the product sealed and unopened.

How should I store my Gummies?

Store your Novomins energy boosting gummies in a cool, dark and dry environment to avoid them getting too hot and clumping together.

Do Novomins deliver gummies outside of the UK?

Novomins delivers across the UK, EU and North America. Shipping is calculated on checkout.

How do Novomins energy boosting gummies support athletic and fitness performance?

Novomins range of energy boosting gummies support athletic and fitness performance by delivering essential nutrients for energy production and endurance. Ingredients like vitamin B12 help convert food into energy, while iron ensures efficient oxygen transport, which is crucial for stamina and reduced fatigue. Our gummies also include 5-HTP, promoting better sleep quality and muscle recovery.

Can children take Novomins energy boosting gummies?

There are currently no kid-specific gummies in our energy boosting range. Take a look at our Kid’s health range for gummy supplements that cater towards the needs of growing children.

Who are energy gummies suitable for?

Novomins Energy Gummies are for anyone seeking a natural, convenient energy boost. They're ideal for busy professionals, athletes, health-conscious individuals, or those simply needing a little extra zest in their day.

What makes energy gummies effective in boosting energy levels?

Our gummies are full of essential vitamins and minerals that help with energy enhancement. Ingredients like vitamin B, and C and other energy-supporting nutrients make them a great choice for a natural energy lift.

How do energy gummies fit into a daily wellness routine?

Energy gummies are a quick, tasty way to ensure you get the nutrients you need to create and sustain energy, fitting easily into your daily routine for a consistent flow of energy throughout the day.