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Sexual Health & Hormonal Balance Gummies

Guys and girls, let's talk about S.E.X because who said that sexual health and hormones have to be kept hush-hush? We believe that a vibrant sex life and balanced hormones are the unsung heroes of your overall well-being. So embrace a healthier you with our doctor-formulated gummies to ensure you're getting all the support you need.

And we haven't forgotten about convenience either – these delicious halal, gluten-free, gelatin-free and vegan-friendly gummies fit effortlessly into busy lives, making it easy to stay on top of your health game.


Why Choose Novomins Hormonal & Sexual Health Range

Navigating the intricate and complex world of sexual health and wellness? Discover why Novomins is your go-to choice to boost your libido and bring your hormone levels under control.

Essential nutrients

Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, our gummies are your secret weapon for peak sexual health and hormonal harmony


Embrace wellness without any of the compromises. Novomins offer ultimate convenience thanks to our easy-to-consume gummies

Delicious Taste

Bursting with a variety of delicious flavours, each gummy is a treat for your tastebuds

High-Quality Ingredients

We select only the finest ingredients, ensuring your wellness journey is fueled by premium, clean, and effective nutrients in every chew

Dietary Requirements

Novomins gummies are for everyone. Whether you're gluten-free, vegan, or looking for halal options, we've got you covered

Doctor Formulated

Trust in the expertise behind Novomins. Our doctor-approved gummies ensure that each serving is a step towards balanced health and sexual well-being

Our gummies feature a symphony of ingredients, each playing its own vital role in enhancing sexual health and hormonal balance. 

  • Probiotics for women: Specially formulated for women, our probiotic gummies target both digestive and intimate health
  • PMS Support Gummies: Packed with just about everything from vitamins and minerals to botanicals and probiotics, these PMS gummies are a holistic aid for managing your monthly cycle
  • Menopause Support Gummies: Addressing the many challenges of menopause, these gummies come packed with 19 science-backed vitamins, minerals, and botanicals
  • Fertility Gummies: Made up of coenzyme Q10 for ovarian health and folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12, these gummies are designed to support female fertility
  • Hormonal regulation: Ingredients like vitamin B6 contribute to the regulation of hormonal activity, essential for maintaining hormonal balance and alleviating PMS and menopausal symptoms
  • Urinary health support: Cranberry extract helps to stop urinary tract infections in their tracks
  • Mood and stress management: Lemon balm and dong quai extracts help improve mood and reduce stress
  • Gut and intimate health: Probiotics such as lactobacillus strains are crucial for maintaining gut health, which is linked to hormonal balance and intimate health
  • Reproductive health: Ingredients like coenzyme Q10 and inositol support ovarian health, improve follicle quality, and improve female fertility

Always follow the suggested dosage on the packaging, and chew two gummies daily. 

  • Balanced diet: Change up your diet habits to include plenty of unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods to enhance the effectiveness of your gummies
  • Regular exercise: Frequent physical activity helps to maintain your hormonal balance
  • Stress management: Meditation or deep breathing exercises can manage stress levels and balance your hormones
  • Avoiding harmful substances: Limit the intake of alcohol and caffeine, and avoid smoking, which can disrupt hormonal balance and put your health at risk

At Novomins, we understand how these highly researched vitamins, minerals and nutrients can support your overall health. Our range of specifically formulated sexual health & hormonal balance gummies support:

  • Those who are pregnant
  • Those who are trying to conceive
  • Women on the lookout for supplements to help with sexual health and hormonal balance
  • Busy bees
  • Those with restricted diets
  • Those looking to be healthier generally

Do Sexual Health's Gummy Vitamins work?

Let’s take a look at what some of our customers had to say

"Night sweats are gone". Was recommend these on a forum and took that leap of faith. Well 2 weeks in and the dreaded night sweats have all but stopped. Will be on these for the foreseeable, thank you!

Jane Ester

Menopause Gummies

"Got my drive back". My wife got me these because I’ve been feeling a bit low recently after turning 50. Pleased to say a couple weeks of these have started to turn things around and feeling more like me again.

David James

Testo Boost Gummies

"Doctor recommended these". Struggling with powders and capsules my doctor recommended these Maca gummies to me. They’ve really helped with me avoid starting HRT and don’t cause me to gag like capsules.

Sarah Edwards

Maca Gummies

"PMS symptoms much better". I read they take time to work so after my first cycle I noticed a HUGE difference in my PMS symptoms from mood to cramping. Now subscribed so I don’t need to keep re-ordering…

Emma Yates

PMS Gummies

"Fertility Gummies". I did a lot of research and landed on gummies because I understand they absorb better than tablets do. I also didn’t like that pregnacare has titanium dioxide!!! These are delicious and I’m hoping to conceive soon 🙂

Fatima S.

Fertility Gummies

"Mood boosters I call them". Read load recently about the benefits of magnesium, so far I can say my mood is better in the evening given my stressful job and I tend to cramp less after 5k runs! Delicious too!

Richard Davies

Magnesium Gummies


Dr Peter McQuillan

BDS, MFDS P1, Dip Ortho
Founder & Chief Formulator

With over 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Dr McQuillan is a highly esteemed professional in the healthcare space.


Akil Memishi

BSc Hons Pharmacology, ICH GCP Founder & Chief Clinical Researcher

Akil Memishi, co-founder of Novomins, combines his extensive clinical research experience with a passion for developing scientifically-backed nutritional products.

Review Date:

3 February 2023

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3 February 2025

Published On:

2 February 2021

Last Updated:

4 October 2023


What ingredients are in Novomins hormonal & sexual health gummies range?

Novomins Hormonal & Sexual Health Gummies contain a wide range of ingredients like vitamin B6, magnesium, and cranberry extract to help with hormone regulation, support urinary health, and alleviate the symptoms of PMS and menopause.

Can I take Novomins hormonal & sexual health gummies with other supplements?

Yes, you can take Novomins Gummies with other supplements, but we would always advise you to consult with your healthcare professional first to ensure that there is no threat of interactions, especially if you're on medication or have specific health concerns.

How quickly will I notice an improvement in my sexual health and hormonal balance?

Improvements can vary from person to person, but you could start noticing changes within a few weeks of consistent use as part of a balanced diet and health routine. 

Are Novomins hormonal & sexual health gummies vegan/gluten-free?

Novomins are inclusive of all dietary restrictions and preferences. That's why our Hormonal & Sexual Health Gummies are vegan and gluten-free as well as halal and gelatin-free, making them suitable for anyone looking for natural health support.

What is Novomins returns policy?

If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, Novomins offers a 14-day refund or exchange policy for all unopened products. Proof of purchase or a receipt will be required, and all orders must be returned in their original packaging with the product sealed and unopened. 

Do Novomins deliver gummies outside of the UK?

Novomins delivers across the UK & Ireland, EU and North America.

How do Novomins gummies support sexual health specifically?

Novomin gummies support sexual health by promoting hormonal balance and providing nutrients that contribute to overall wellness. Balanced hormones can lead to improved libido, mood, and energy levels, all of which play an important role in sexual health.

What are the Benefits of hormonal & sexual health gummies?

Novomins range of hormonal & sexual health gummies offers a simple, holistic approach to wellness. Helping to maintain hormonal balance, crucial for sexual and day-to-day health, our supplements enhance mood, energy levels and general well-being for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Who Should Consider Novomins hormonal & sexual health gummies?

Our gummies are for everyone and anyone, from busy professionals looking to enhance everyday wellness to health-conscious individuals seeking a natural approach to optimised sexual health and hormonal balance. 

How Do Novomins gummies support hormonal balance?

Our formula features a blend of specially chosen vitamins and minerals to support hormone production and balance. They work by providing essential nutrients that help regulate hormonal activity for overall health and well-being.