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Improved Focus Gummies

Sharpen your mind with our delicious focus gummies range – your best friend when it comes to achieving peak cognitive performance. Designed for those who demand more from their minds, our doctor-formulated gummies are made from the highest-quality ingredients to help you unleash your full potential.

Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, halal and gelatin-free, they're not just a supplement but a delicious addition to your daily routine. So whether it's getting through a demanding workday or simply wanting to keep your mind sharp, our range offers a delicious and convenient solution. It's not just about getting through the day – it's about excelling throughout.


Why Choose Novomins Improved Focus Range?

Unlock the secret to enhanced focus with our delicious line of gummies. Tailored to meet the unique needs of your mind and support normal cognitive function, our range ensures you’re always at your best.

Essential Nutrients

Novomins gummies are packed with a powerful blend of essential nutrients, providing the perfect mix of vitamins and minerals to sharpen your focus and boost cognitive performance


Perfect for those who are on the go, our gummies offer a convenient solution to meet all your cognitive health needs without disrupting your busy lifestyle

Delicious Taste

Turn your daily dose of vitamins into a tasty moment. Each bite is a delicious step towards sharper focus and enhanced mental agility

High-Quality Ingredients

Novomins never compromise on quality. Each gummy is a blend of high-quality ingredients, ensuring every bite delivers premium focus-enhancing benefits

Dietary Requirements

Dietary restrictions shouldn’t have to limit your focus. That’s why our gluten-free, vegan-friendly, halal and gelatin-free gummies are thoughtfully formulated to be inclusive for all

Doctor Formulated

Trust in the expertise behind Novomins. Our focus range is specially formulated by doctors, using scientifically proven nutritional knowledge to boost your mental sharpness

Novomins gummies are expertly crafted to enhance focus by incorporating a range of high-quality ingredients that contribute to improved concentration.

  • Essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9): These fatty acids play a crucial role in cognitive development, memory enhancement and maintaining concentration levels 
  • Vitamin D: Our vitamin D gummies are packed with a powerful dose of vitamin D3 that’s linked to improved mood regulation and focus
  • Brain-enhancing nutrients and superfoods: Our gummies also include other beneficial ingredients that aid in nerve growth and improve blood circulation to the brain
  • Natural Energisers: Guarana and green tea extract provide a natural energy boost, enhancing alertness without the negative downsides of caffeine-induced crashes
  • Stress-reducing compounds: Ingredients like L-theanine and ashwagandha are known for their calming effects, reducing stress and anxiety levels
  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties: Turmeric extract helps reduce inflammation, which is important for maintaining overall brain health
  • Neurological support: Omega-3 fatty acids and lion’s mane contribute to the growth and maintenance of brain cells
  • Neurotransmitter support: Alpha GPC and L-Phenylalanine help produce neurotransmitters like dopamine, essential for memory and focus
  • Circulatory benefits: These gummies contain ingredients like ginkgo biloba, which boosts blood flow to the brain
  • Stress and anxiety reduction: Ashwagandha and L-theanine help lower stress and anxiety levels for a calm and clearer mind
  • Inflammation reduction: Famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric extract increases brain chemicals responsible for memory and growth

For best results, adults should chew two gummies daily and children one gummy a day, preferably with food or as instructed by your healthcare professional.

  • Balanced diet: Eat a varied and healthy diet to support overall brain health and complement your gummies
  • Regular physical activity: Engage in regular exercise to improve concentration and enhance cognitive function
  • Meditation and mindfulness: Practise daily mindfulness or meditation techniques to manage and keep stress at bay
  • Memory games and exercises: Incorporate brain-stimulating activities like puzzles and memory games to keep your brain engaged
  • Quality sleep: Try to get seven or more hours of good quality sleep per night
  • Hydration: Stay well-hydrated to avoid mild dehydration, which can cause sleepiness, lack of focus and increased fatigue

At Novomins, we understand how these highly researched brain health supplements can support you and your family’s overall health. Our range of specifically formulated focus gummies support:

  • Family members of all ages
  • Busy bees
  • Those who work stressful jobs
  • Students
  • Older individuals
  • Those who struggle to focus
  • Those looking to be healthier generally

Do Improved Focus Gummy Vitamins work?

Let’s take a look at what some of our customers had to say

"Sleep = Focus". As part of the menopause, I am having problems sleeping and it’s affecting my attention span at work. These have helped a lot and now I’m sleeping heaps better since I started to take these.

Abel Rutherford’s Success

Magnesium Gummies

"A mum’s best secret". Used this for my adult child who suffers from anxiety and due to her autism and severe cognitive difficulties, hasn't learned how to swallow pills/tablets yet. My daughter is happy to take this on a daily basis and I believe it is helping her reorganising and strenghtening her nervous system.

Sarita’s F.

Magnesium Gummies

"Lion’s Mane is amazing". Okay so watched so many vlogs abouts Lion’s Mane and wanted to give it a go. A week in a wow i’m really focused at work which makes me feel more valued!

Rachel Davies

Lions Mane Gummies

"A good start". I could feel a significant difference in focus and clarity from the first day - cleared my brain fog. Tastes good too. Highly recommended!

Sara Kumar

Neuro Focus Gummies

"No longer suffering at work". If I don’t sleep well I can’t focus at work and these have really helped! Planning to continue with them plus they taste so good!

Rubin M.

Night Time Gummies

"Little one is more settled". These seem to help with the kids' sleep and to even out their hyperactivity. They love the taste and we're on our 2nd bottle. It seems to be the only magnesium gummy that's suitable for kids. My kids won't take tablets.

Tee’s Success

Kid’s Magnesium Gummies


Dr Peter McQuillan

BDS, MFDS P1, Dip Ortho
Founder & Chief Formulator

With over 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Dr McQuillan is a highly esteemed professional in the healthcare space. 


Akil Memishi

BSc Hons Pharmacology, ICH GCP Founder & Chief Clinical Researcher

Akil Memishi, co-founder of Novomins, combines his extensive clinical research experience with a passion for developing scientifically-backed nutritional products.

Review Date:

3 February 2023

Next Review:

3 February 2025

Published On:

2 February 2021

Last Updated:

4 October 2023


What ingredients are in Novomins improved focus gummies range?

Novomins focus supplements contain natural ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and a blend of brain-boosting nutrients such as ginkgo biloba and lion's mane, specifically chosen for their roles in enhancing focus and brain health.

Can I take Novomins focus gummies with other supplements?

Novomins focus gummies can be taken alongside other supplements. However, it's always important to consider the total intake of similar vitamins and nutrients so you don't exceed the recommended daily dose. If you're taking medication or have specific health concerns, always consult with a healthcare professional before combining supplements.

How quickly will I notice an improvement in my concentration?

The time it takes to notice an improvement in concentration with Novomins improved gummies can vary from person to person. Some individuals may see effects relatively quickly, while others might take longer. For best results, we recommend taking them consistently as part of a balanced diet and allowing a few weeks before assessing their impact on your concentration levels. 

Are Novomins focus gummies vegan/gluten-free?

Yes, Novomins focus supplements are vegan-certified. They are also gluten-free, catering to various dietary preferences and restrictions and allowing a wide range of people to benefit from their focus-improving properties.

Where can I purchase Novomins focus gummies?

Novomins focus gummies can be purchased on the Novomins official website and at various retailers across the UK.

What is Novomins returns policy?

If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, Novomins offers a 14-day refund or exchange policy for all unopened products. Proof of purchase or a receipt will be required, and all orders must be returned in their original packaging with the product sealed and unopened. 

Can Novomins focus gummies help with memory as well as focus?

Yes, Novomins focus supplements are formulated to support overall cognitive health, with ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids and ginkgo biloba known to aid in improving memory retention and cognitive function. Regular consumption, as part of a healthy routine and balanced diet, can contribute to better memory capabilities alongside enhanced focus.

How should I store my gummies?

Store your Novomins improved focus gummies in a cool, dark and dry environment to avoid them getting too hot and clumping together.

Are there any age restrictions for using Novomins improved focus gummies?

The Novomins improved focus range has something for all ages, including our specially formulated Kids Omega Gummies, which help to improve concentration and mood in little thinkers. Always check for specific instructions on the back of the product label.

Do Novomins deliver gummies outside of the UK?

Novomins delivers across the UK, EU and North America. Shipping calculated on checkout.

Which supplements improve concentration and focus?

Supplements containing Vitamin D, Omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins are essential when it comes to enhancing concentration and focus. Vitamin D contributes to brain function, B vitamins are well-known for improving nerve function and focus, and omega-3 fatty acids can boost mood and reduce brain fog.

Who are focus gummies suitable for?

The Improved Focus gummies range is ideal for anyone looking to boost their mental sharpness. They’re a great choice for children, supporting brain growth and development, and are equally beneficial for adults in academic or professional settings who need to boost their focus and mental performance.

What can I take for brain fog?

Studies show that supplementing with Vitamin D can directly impact cognitive function and mood, helping to alleviate brain fog. Omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins and magnesium also enhance neurological health. Together, these minerals and vitamins can help ease the symptoms associated with brain fog, including poor concentration and memory issues.