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Vegan Gummies

Certified by The Vegan Society, our delicious doctor-formulated range of vegan gummies are the ideal way to avoid vitamin deficiencies and maintain optimum health. Gluten-free, halal, gelatin-free, and strictly NON-GMO, we use no palm oil in our recipes and only the highest quality ingredients. Our Novomins range of convenient vegan vitamin gummies can support your body with essential nutrients while maintaining a healthy plant-based diet.


Get doctor-formulated, delicious gummy vitamins without compromising your vegan diet or values. No need for chalky pills and messy powder supplements when you can enjoy a delicious and easy gummy formulation. Novomins convenient vegan gummies are:

  • 100% Plant-based and certified by The Vegan Society
  • A delicious alternative to old-fashioned supplements
  • Potent & nutrient-packed 
  • Easy to slip into busy schedules
  • Made with clean ingredients - No artificial colours or flavours

Novomins offers an innovative and tasty range of vegan vitamin gummies to help with a variety of deficiencies, conditions and concerns. Our vegan gummies can help with:

Sleep & Relaxation: Constantly feeling anxious or struggling to sleep can take its toll, making each day harder than it needs to be. It’s important that we keep this in check. Novomins has formulated several products that help you relax and get the sleep you deserve.

Digestion & Gut Health: The microbiome is responsible for maintaining many areas of wellness. With digestive health, mental health, immune system function and women's intimate flora all affected by the quality of our microbiome, keeping it healthy is vital. Take a look at our range of gut & digestion gummies that help to keep your biome supporting you as it should be. 

Joint, Bone & Muscle Health: Keeping on top of your joint, bone and muscle health is essential, especially as you get older. Novomins offers a range of vegan gummies that help to do just this. Get ahead of the game now, your knees will thank you later!

Women’s Health: With hormonal cycles, imbalances, and intimate flora to navigate, supplementing nutrients for women’s health can help prevent problems. Novomin's range of gummies for women is doctor-formulated to address these health concerns and aims to bring balance and harmony to your feminine health.

Improved Energy: Our energy levels can be affected by our sleep quality, nutrient deficiencies, and overall health. Our vegan gummies for energy boosting can improve your energy levels by maintaining blood cells, creating DNA, and improving mental clarity. 

Hair, Skin & Nails: When we lack nutrients, signs of distress often show in our hair, skin, and nails. Hair can become thin and dull. Skin can suffer breakouts and dryness, and nails can become brittle. Novomins range of nourishing vegan gummies for hair, skin, & nails helps you bounce back to your old self.

Menopause & Perimenopause: During difficult times of your hormonal journey, it is vital to have good support. With perimenopause and menopause support supplements in our vegan gummies range, we provide the nutrients you need to assist you every step of the way.

Novomins vegan gummy supplements are perfect for active lifestyles and people who want to support their health with a delicious alternative to traditional supplements. With a wide vegan range, Novomins vitamin gummies are packed with clinically proven nutrients, supporting your body and mind without compromising quality. Our 100% plant-based range is ideal for:

  • People seeking healthy, plant-based alternatives: If you follow a health-conscious, strictly vegan diet, you don’t need to compromise your values to enjoy the benefits of gummy supplements.
  • Adults and children: You are never too old for tasty gummy vitamins. Novomin's vegan vitamin gummies range has options for both adults and children. 
  • The environmentally conscious: Plant-based, NON-GMO, palm oil free, and never tested on animals, our convenient gummy range is ideal for true friends of the earth. 
  • People with absorption problems: Some people do not absorb vitamins from food very well due to chronic issues. Our potent Novomins multivitamins are a fast, simple way to supplement your diet.

Those with restricted diets: For those adhering to gluten-free, halal, vegan, or gelatin-free diets, or any mix of these, Novomins offers a variety of probiotic gummies to suit your needs.

Do Vegan Gummy Vitamins work?

Let’s take a look at what some of our customers had to say

This is a massive game changer and I will explain why. I have tried taking omega in capsules but it hard to persuade everyone in my household (including me) to take mega huge omega pills every day. I have tried many times but always failed to take it on a daily basis. These gummies are actually tasty and it feels almost like a reward to take them every day.

Aleksandra’s Success

Vegan Omega

Tastes nice. Not chewy. My hair, skin, and nail quality have improved massively.

Sherie’s Success

Vegan Collagen Gummies

Really good vitamins. Taste really nice. Worked well in correcting my vitamin deficiency.

Alice’s Success

Vitamin B12 Gummies

I'm a fussy eater, I enjoy peach flavour. I really enjoy these gummies taste wise, been taking these for nearly 2 months and I love them. Definitely recommend!

Chloe’s Success

Multivitamin Gummies

I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my daughter although she’s a little younger by four months . It has really helped her focus and helped her complexion . I would like to get the full collection but will wait until she is three to her additional vitamins . Also she loved the taste which is brilliant. Is a must for all parents !

Meline’s Success

Kid’s Vegan Omega Gummies

These gummies are so good, they helped my hair and nails grow really really quick. Also, the support contact guys are so helpful, I didn't use my full address for the first 2 orders, and they were in constant communication with me to resolve the issue.

Chi’s Success

Vegan Beauty Gummies


Dr Peter McQuillan

BDS, MFDS P1, Dip Ortho
Founder & Chief Formulator

With over 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Dr McQuillan is a highly esteemed professional in the healthcare space.


Akil Memishi

BSc Hons Pharmacology, ICH GCP Founder & Chief Clinical Researcher

Akil Memishi, co-founder of Novomins, combines his extensive clinical research experience with a passion for developing scientifically-backed nutritional products.

Review Date:

3 February 2023

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3 February 2025

Published On:

2 February 2021

Last Updated:

4 October 2023


What makes Novomins gummies vegan?

Using 100% plant-based ingredients, our Novomins vegan range of vitamin gummies is certified by The Vegan Society to ensure only the highest quality vegan product reaches you.

Do your vegan gummies cater to specific health conditions?

With a wide range of vegan gummy supplements available, Novomins vegan gummies range can support the body with nutrients to help with women’s health issues, bone strength, a healthy microbiome, improved energy, immune support, sleep support, and help with relaxation and anxiety, among other conditions.

Can your vegan gummies be taken with other medications?

Novomins can be taken alongside certain medications. Consult your doctor before you start taking a new supplement if you are taking medication or have an ongoing health condition.

Are your gummies allergen-free?

Novomins vegan gummies are halal, gluten-free, and gelatin-free. If you have specific allergen concerns, see the ingredients for your chosen supplement to ensure it is safe for you.

How should I store the gummies, and what is their shelf life?

To maximise the freshness of your Novomins, store your bottle in a cool, dark place and consume before the listed expiry date. Our gummies are so tasty and convenient we are sure you will use your gummies to nourish your body long before your product expires.

What is the recommended dosage for your vegan gummies?

We make dosage simple with easy-to-follow instructions on each bottle of our delicious Novomins gummies.

Are Novomins vegan gummies gluten-free and non-GMO?

Formulated with only the highest quality ingredients, our Novomins vegan gummies are gluten-free and NON-GMO. We are also 100% cruelty-free and do not use animal testing in our gummy vitamin supplements.

How long does it take to notice the benefits of the gummies?

The convenience and taste of delicious Novomins vegan gummies are noticed after a few weeks by people who previously took pills, powders and other supplements.

Can children take Novomins vegan gummies?

Our vegan gummies range includes options specifically formulated for children, including multivitamins, iron gummies, calcium and vitamin D gummies, and magnesium formulations.

Do you offer subscription services or discounts on bulk purchases?

Our subscribe and save program saves you time and money, helping you to stay in tip-top condition without interrupting your routine. This time-saving program allows you to receive automatic deliveries of your vital gummy supplements every 30 days, keeping you on track and securing significant savings.

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